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How to get started while you're waiting

I'm aware that wait times for counselling can be and feel quite long. In the meantime, I'd like to offer a few ways to begin to explore whether I might be the right counsellor for you and how you might begin your healing journey before we meet.

If you are interested in Mindfulness-based approaches, you might begin with listening to some of my guided meditations on Insight Timer

A good starting point can be one of the Body Scan recordings or a 3-minute breathing space.

If you're interested in one of the primary influences of how I work, you might further investigate the practice of Focusing (or how to explore a problem through the body) I've made a recording available on Insight Timer that guides the listener through a Focusing process If you do listen to the recording please be sure to press pause whenever you need to give yourself more time to "Focus" on the instructions. :-)

If you have found me because you are interested in EMDR, one way to start further exploring this approach on your own is to be introduced to "Resource Tapping." My approach to EMDR is strongly grounded in Attachment-Focused EMDR as developed by Laurel Parnell. You may wish to search for Laurel Parnell's book "Tapping In" and/or you may wish to listen to my Introduction to Resource Tapping and other related recordings:

Many people also tell me that they find the Compassionate Friend meditation helpful when they are feeling alone and searching for a new way to be with whatever is troubling them. My version of this guided meditation can be found at:

The guided Mountain Meditation can also be helpful to get in touch with what you already know (but may have forgotten) are strengths and resources for you.

I hope these resources serve you well and that we will meet soon!

With warmest wishes for your health and healing.


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