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I'm sorry, my practice is currently full.

UPDATE: January 2023

My practice is currently full but I anticipate having some space open up in the next month or two particularly for online therapy during daytime hours. If you are interested in finding out when I anticipate taking new clients please complete my contact form on the website.  I do not keep a formal "waiting list" but if you write to me I will provide an estimate of when I am likely to have space based on your needs and availability. It is helpful if you provide information on why you are interested to see me and your availability (days of week and times of day you are looking for) and whether you prefer or require in-person or online sessions. Apologies in advance if it takes a few days for me to respond. 


I am sometimes able to offer "single session" online counselling. These sessions are intended to help you address a current issue, recent event or learn a specific skill (eg. stress management, mindfulness, resource tapping, focusing) in one self-contained session.  This is different than counselling where sessions occur on a regular basis such as once a week or a few times per month. However, if you think a single session may be just what you need right now or maybe you'd like some guidance on self-care while you are on my waiting list, let me know you are interested in the "single session" option.

With wishes for your health and well-being,


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