I'm sorry, my practice is currently full.

UPDATE: February 1, 2022

At this time my practice is still full.  It may be a few months before I am available to new clients contacting me at the present time.

If you are interested in being on my waiting list please complete my contact form on the website.  Apologies in advance if it takes a few days for me to respond. 

I have recently begun offering "single session" online counselling. These sessions are intended to help you address a current issue, recent event or learn a specific skill (eg. stress management, mindfulness, resource tapping, focusing) in one self-contained session.  Single session availability is offered when I have time come available in my schedule and with the understanding that another session may not be available for several months. This is different than counselling where sessions occur on a regular basis such as once a week or a few times per month. However, if you think a single session may be just what you need right now or maybe you'd like some guidance on self-care while you are on my waiting list, let me know you are interested in the "single session" option.

Something else you may be interested in is Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction 8-week classes or other single session mindfulness trainings.  I am currently planning online classes to start in spring 2022 and would be happy to hear that you are interested.

With wishes for your health and well-being,